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Backed by Rinnai Australia, APAC delivers quality, flexibility, efficiency and low noise.

The Perfect Upgrade

Replace your old APAC unit with a new high efficiency APAC – a near perfect fit for most legacy units.

The APAC Advantage

APAC’s expertly crafted systems provide an innovative solution to minimise installation costs.

Customised Solutions

Our APAC team can Engineer-To-Order a vast array of special options to suit your application.

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The APAC Advantage

The supplier of choice for industrial and commercial air conditioning throughout Australia, with an innovative, tailored approach.

Extensive industry experience results in developing solutions for any sized commercial or industrial application, anywhere. Our expertise understands the harsh Australian operating environments and unique conditions – creating bespoke solutions suited to your specifications.

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The perfect upgrade. Our commercial and industrial range of products are a near-perfect fit for most legacy APAC units in capacity, footprint, ductwork, controls and power supply connections.

With extensive industry experience, we can develop a solution for any sized application, from high-rise and warehouse cooling and heating systems to retail and shopping mall air conditioning.

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Customised and Engineered to Order Options

APAC understands the challenges engineers face attempting to convert standard commercial-grade air conditioning to industrial applications.

Choose to increase the build specification of your products to suit your application.  We can custom design to your brief, assemble and factory test all prior to shipment.

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Customised Solutions