Bespoke HVAC when you need it most

APAC understands the challenges faced when attempting to convert standard commercial-grade air conditioning to industrial applications. Choose to increase the build specification to suit your requirements where high flow rates, very close control, or poor air quality are present.

Depending on your needs we can customise or engineer-to-order several components and configurations to deliver the best results. Over the lifespan of a customised HVAC appliance, a system that strongly performs even in the harshest of environments offers long-term cost savings due to lower operation costs.

In most cases we can custom design to your brief, assemble and factory test prior to shipment. 

Why Customise?

Tailored Energy Efficiencies

Configure for New Construction

Space or Clearance Limitations

Changing Code Requirements

Lower Energy Consumption & Operational Costs

Temperature Extremes

Examples of customisation include: 

Made to order: 

  • Configurable airside connections 
  • Post-treated coils for improved corrosion resistance (Blygold) 
  • Compressor soft starter 
  • Many diverse electrical options to suit a vast array of applications
  • Double layered insulation to indoor sections, for high humidity locations

Engineered to order: 

  • Choice of cabinet materials, 316L or 304 stainless. stainless steel air conditioners extend the life of cabinet in harsh and corrosive environments 
  • Copper/Copper coils for improved corrosion resistance. E.g, marine air conditioning or other applications