Prominent Hill Mine – South Australia


Situated in central SA, the Prominent Hill Copper-Gold Mine is exposed to arduous climactic, atmospheric and operational conditions. Equipment here needs to be built to last.

The underground operations were looking to cool their groundwater pumping equipment and needed the Air Conditioning units to fit within a restricted space yet provide 90kW of cooling.

Two P045 Vertical Packages were specifically configured with top supply air for ducting straight into the switch room 40 metres underground, and end return air connections directly matching with the room layout. This configuration delivered exceptional performance and efficiency with tight constraints that still allowed for the required service access.

The packages consisted of two compressors each individual circuits to fulfil the redundancy aspects of the installation, full variable speed EC plug fans and head pressure controlled outdoor fans.

The embedded heavy duty industrial design was manufactured with Stainless Steel chassis’ and enhanced with Blygold coil corrosion protection to efficiently perform in the tough terrain.