Compact Rooftop Package Unit

Compact Rooftop Package Unit

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Tandem scoll compressors for high system efficiency at full & part load

35% smaller footprint

25% less gas charge

42% less components

  • EC plug indoor fans with high static capability up to 500pa
  • EC hybrid outdoor axial fan
  • TXV refrigerant control
  • Condenser coil anti-corrosion protection
  • 25mm PE closed cell insulation
  • Phase fail protection relay
  • MEPS certified

Factory options customised to order

  • Compressor soft starter
  • High static pressure outdoor fans
  • Double layered insulation to indoor section
  • Capacity modulation control
  • Outdoor coil(s) with anti-corrosion post-treatment
  • Indoor coil(s) with anti-corrosion post-treatment
  • Outdoor coil guards, powder coated
  • Discharge & suction isolation valves
  • Liquid line isolation valves across filter drier
  • Cable markers
  • Fire relay
  • APAC Supply & Return connections.
  • High Level Interface (HLI) Modbus connectivity
  • Integrated filter frame 50mm
  • Economiser – dampers and actuators (no controls)

Factory options engineered to order

  •  316 stainless steel cabinet, unpainted
  • 304 stainless steel cabinet, powder coated
  • Stainless steel external fixings
  • Outdoor coil(s) copper / copper
  • Indoor coil(s) copper / copper
  • Power supply – no neutral (415/3/50)
  • Ductable air off in lieu of standard axial

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