Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions with Customisable, Factory-Fitted Options

As the air conditioning specialists, Specialized Engineering designs and manufactures highly efficient and robust heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions (industrial HVAC) for the harshest environments in Australia. Our industrial HVAC equipment come with customisable factory options to meet the specific requirements of your industry.

Our APAC high efficiency replacement packaged units with EC fan technology are ideal for new or replacement industrial HVAC projects. APAC units are suited to a wide range of industrial applications including:

  • Electrical switch room cooling
  • Material handling equipment – Reclaimers, ship loaders and stackers
  • Mining – Accommodation, laboratories, office and residential
  • Off-shore – Accommodation and equipment rooms
  • Process – Packing and production lines

APAC Custom Technology

Adapt your chosen unit to suit your industry and application. The APAC units come with a range of possible modifications and factory fitted options. Some of the additional features include:

Scroll Compressor(s) Each APAC industrial HVAC unit has a fully hermetic scroll compressor(s). Compressors are designed with internal isolation and have internal thermal line break, current overload and high pressure differential protection.

Unit Safety Protection For increased reliability, all models come with a suction line accumulator in each refrigerant circuit. This preventive measure stops liquid refrigerant entering the compressor during start mode in low ambient cooling, whilst switching in and out of defrost, and between heating and cooling modes.

In addition, units come with filter drier, high pressure and temperature protection as well as low pressure protection.

Optimum Performance Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) on each refrigerant circuit helps provide optimum performance across the entire unit operating range.

Simplified Power and Control Circuit APAC industrial HVAC units have single point mains power connection. Units are compatible with conventional thermostat controls. A 24-volt control circuit with clearly labelled connection and resettable circuit breaker protection allows for easy fault diagnosis.

Easy-Grip Handles Handles located on all major access panels provide quick, convenient and safe access to components for easy maintenance and service.

No-Strip Screw Inserts To prevent misalignment and cross threading, screws are guided into inserts. This increased screw engagement also makes panels easier to remove and replace.

Humidity Control APAC Adaptive Dehumidification system is an all-inclusive factory-installed option available on cooling and reverse cycle models. This system provides reliable, flexible operation to meet indoor part-load sensible and latent requirements.

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