Custom Built Design

Specialized Customisation to Suit Your Industry Application

APAC understands the challenges engineers face attempting to convert standard commercial grade air conditioning to industrial applications. Thats why we have our Specialized Engineering products. Now you can choose to increase the build specification of your products to suit your application. In most cases we can custom design to your brief, assemble and factory  test prior to shipment.

Examples of customisation include:

Made to order:

  • Configurable airside connections
  • Post-treated coils for improved corrosion resistance (Blygold)
  • Compressor soft starter
  • Electrical options such as phase fail or fire relay
  • Double layered insulation to indoor sections. To limit sweating in humid locations

Engineered to order:

  • Choice of cabinet materials, 316L or 304 stainless. stainless steel air conditioners extend the life of cabinet in harsh and corrosive environments
  • Copper/Copper coils for improved corrosion resistance. E.g, marine air conditioning or other applications

Practical & Flexible Solutions

If customisation is not practical, Specialized Engineering can provide a conceptual design, detailed analysis, manufacturing and service across a broad range of engineering disciplines including refrigeration, mechanical, electrical and controls. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we excel at providing solutions with design reliability, serviceability and installation ease. Our engineers are conversant with many regulatory and design codes. Previous bespoke projects have included customised indoor and outdoor unit sizes to transport through buildings elevator and dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) for preconditioning.

Get Expert Advice

Specialized Engineering offers expert advice, custom design and the professional manufacture of robust stainless steel, split system air conditioners or industrial, commercial or marine grade air conditioning systems specifically suited to your application.

Contact us to find out more about our products and customisations or to start discussing your design brief.

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