Humidity Control

Enjoy Humidity Control with Rawal Devices APR Control Valve Technology

It is important your industrial and commercial air conditioning system is able to independently control humidity and temperature levels. How often do you hear complaints about the temperature of heating and cooling systems in offices? It is either too hot or cold. However it’s not only the temperature that has an impact on how you feel or how healthy the indoor environment is, it’s also the humidity.

Humidity control systems incorporated into an industrial or commercial air conditioning system can add or remove water vapour from indoor air to maintain a comfortable level and is important for:

Comfort: Humidity is the main factor for a person’s thermal comfort and impacts on workers’ productivity, shoppers’ enjoyment and patients’ care and comfort.

Indoor Air Quality: A damp and poorly ventilated environment promotes mould growth which can lead to bacteria, causing problems for indoor air quality and hygiene.

Energy Use: A temperature-controlled only system tends to overcool in an attempt to reduce air moisture which contributes to increased energy usage.


One of APAC’s factory fitted options is the Rawal APR Control, a capacity modulating control valve that independently controls temperature and humidity, which can help improve thermal comfort, indoor air quality and efficient power use.

Enjoy the Benefits of APAC’s and APR Valve Technology

The APR Control provides more benefits than just system efficiencies, whether it is a selected option for a new unit or a retrofit to an existing unit. Adding an APR Control can reduce the wear and tear on the compressors by minimising the number of “starts” and extend the run time whilst contributing to a healthy environment by maintaining constant levels of humidity and promoting proper fresh air ventilation.

The APR Control can assist in regulating air in multiple industrial and commercial settings, including:

Health Clubs

A busy gym can become increasingly humid due to perspiration generated from a large number of customers. An effective commercial air conditioning system that can control temperature and humidity properly can provide a healthier, more comfortable environment for customers and workers.

Restaurant and Cafes

With stovetop and oven cooking as well as equipment like dish washers that generate a large amount of heat and humidity, it is important to have a commercial air conditioning system to control temperature and humidity. An effective system that controls humidity in the kitchen and modulates temperature fluctuations in the dining area can provide patrons with a cool, comfortable environment to enjoy their dining experience.


Doors that are constantly opening and closing allowing infiltration of outside air can add humidity to the indoor space. High humidity levels can reduce the efficiency in the operation of refrigeration and freezer systems. An effective system can provide a comfortable humidity level and avoid temperature fluctuations and create a happy and safe environment for the supermarket’s produce and customers.

Make the Comfortable Choice

Enjoy greater comfort with regulated air temperature and moisture. Speak with APAC about APR Control for your system. Call 1300 078 028 or submit an online enquiry to find out more.

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